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CryptoCake™  is launching the world’s first-ever streaming 24-hour Crypto TV News Channel named CryptoCake. CryptoCake will be the world’s channel for all things digital currency with live breaking news daily as well as provide a venue for companies to market their cryptocurrency products to a global audience.

What We Do

CryptoCake channel is devoted to educating investors and consumers about emerging digital currencies, Blockchain, and fintech technology news, information and entertainment. CryptoCake will stream live daily and provide news on its website along with data for research and investment opportunities. CryptoCake will first stream on Amazon Fire, Apple TV, GoogleCast, Twitch and Roku players.

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All of the content for this digital currency TV channel will be produced, distributed, and owned by CryptoCake. CryptoCake provides targeted programming that appeals to viewers and advertisers alike. CryptoCake offers an extensive line-up of original programming with a variety of content featuring formats:

News, Talk Shows, Analysis, Reviews, Gamer Shows, Poker Tournament, Women Centric, Contestant Game Shows, Educational Programming, and Scripted Series!

Latest News

Here is a selection of our company’s latest news and developments. To receive email updates and newsletters please register with an email address.

Bitcoin’s Market Crash & Rebound

by Jacob Wolinsky Recently, the world closely watched what Bloomberg called the “great cryptocurrency crash of 2018.” Bitcoin’s value sank as low as 82 percent lower than its highest value a year ago, while most other cryptocurrencies faced value losses exceeding 70...

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